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Full Photo Update: Ghost Mansion of Bay Saint Louis

A new gallery of photos to accompany my 2012 blog post “Ghost Mansion of Bay Saint Louis.” Gallery features many new photos, all in color, rather than the stylized black-and-white images in the original story.


Duke is a Pit mix (55 lbs., neutered male, about 4 years old) in Austin, TX, who needs a new home. (SPOILER ALERT: Duke found his forever home shortly after this posting.

Women's March Jan. 22, 2017

Held Saturday 22nd, 2017 at the Texas State Capitol grounds.

Junction City Album - Photography & Design Project

A couple of months ago a couple of music friends of mine asked if they might use one of my photographs on their upcoming CD. I was flattered, of course. When it came time for me to deliver the photo it was apparent they had not settled on a designer, so I volunteered to take on the project. In a little over a week I'd scouted and shot a rural Texas road, found a way to work in another favorite photo, and had artwork ready to go.

Scott Simon Project's First Show

On June 1st I joined Scott Simon and Kyle Lentz onstage for our first gig as The Scott Simon Project (see Brought my camera and Tracey Aubey took some nice shots.

Jake Lloyd Photoshoot

Photoshoot for singer/rapper Jake Lloyd's upcoming EP. We rode around central and east Austin, scouting locations and shooting on the fly. We were both pleased with the results and many of the shots were used on his EP website.

Cuero Ranch

Spent some time at a friend's family ranch in Cuero, Texas and got in a few shots. We found a dilapidated old barn/storage building full of relics from early to mid twentieth century, no doubt representing numerous generations of family history.

Big Money Gators

I dusted off my bass guitar and joined a band - Big Money Gators. I helped revamp their website too. Check it out – it's all in the process of coming together so bookmark it and watch it grow.

Memories of Vietnam

During a 2009 trip to Asia I experienced Hanoi as a city rough around the edges, with a vibe unlike anyplace I’ve visited.

Friday in the Garden

With fall coming, afternoons in the back yard are cooler in more ways than one...

Marching With the Saxonistas in an All-Nude Army

Since I moved back to Austin in 2009, friends from elsewhere will ask me about the live music scene. I'm usually hesitant to talk about anything in terms of "favorites" and "bests," but in this case I can easily name my top picks...

Cozumel Tidepools

Some vacation photos of little crawly things...

An Afternoon at Krause Springs

This day trip yielded way more than I expected from a privately owned and managed swimming hole and campground. This place reminds me of what I love about central Texas...

Ghost Mansion of Bay Saint Louis

I might say calling this place a ghost house would be milking or pushing things save for one thing: Looking for information about it online can be downright elusive...


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