Full Photo Update: Ghost Mansion of Bay Saint Louis

Since I posted it in 2012 , “Ghost Mansion of Bay Saint Louis” has enjoyed a steady readership, thanks in large part to Google: It seems there’s not a lot of information to be found about the old, abandoned mansion. Many comments posted to my story have helped remove the mystery of the old, abandoned estate, while others report its recent destruction by fire.

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Recently, journalist Nick Wooton investigated and wrote the most complete story on the property that I’m aware of. Read his story HERE

After years of continued interest in my page I decided to go back and look through the photos I took that day and post more of them, this time in color rather than black-and-white, as I did in the original article. As with the original, comments are welcome to help identify and clarify what’s seen in the images.

A big thanks to everyone who has taken interest in my posts!

Click any gallery square to view enlarged, uncropped image