0914-photo-a Assignment

Part one: Guided Studio Tour

Click any non-captioned image to open lightbox view. Image thumbnails are square cropped but lightbox view will reveal full image. Hover over any image in lightbox view for caption details, including image ID numbers.

Image ID numbers appear in caption details. Image ID numbers for the first section (Blue Genie) range from BG-01 to BG-06. Subsequent sections follow a similar letter/number ID scheme. ID numbers for selected images may be entered into the comment section at the end of the gallery, or may be emailed to Amy Culbertson or Mark Gilmore - mark@secretdonkey.com

Blue Genie (BG)

Keith Kreeger Studios (KK)

You're Welcome Photography Studios (YW)

You're Welcome photography workspace IMAGE YW-01

Cathy Savage (CS)

Rebecca Rothfus (RR)

(please confirm spelling)

Rebecca Rothfus - Intricate stencils  IMAGE RR-01

Rebecca Rothfus - workspace  IMAGE RR-02

Rebecca Rothfus - workspace  IMAGE RR-02

Ryan McKerly and other artists at his studio (RM)

Miranda Bennett (MB)

Miranda in her studio  IMAGE MB-01

Miranda in her studio  IMAGE MB-01

Sodalitas studio space (SS)

Studio workspace  IMAGE SS-01

Ryan [last name forthcoming] (RF)

Other (OI)

Part two: Other East Side Art, Eats, Nightlife and Retail


East Side By Night (EN)

Dai Due (DD)

Clayworks (CW)

Misc 2 (M2)

Corocoro (CC)

Retail Highlights (RH)

East Side Succulents plant nursery (ES)