703 Texas Trees | July, 2019

Photos taken mid day of July 10, 2019. Most shot at 24mm on full-frame DSLR camera. Click thumbnails for lightbox view, which includes a description for reference and guide for follow up shots (hover mouse over photo to view description).

Additional Photos - extra wide angle

Shot at 14mm on full frame DSLR camera


Quinn is the überdog: Good-natured, loyal, obedient, affectionate, never inappropriately aggressive nor submissive towards people or other dogs. He's a neutered male Boxer, 70 lbs., bred from the Boxer bloodline "Vel-Hi." His breeder notes his mom was especially calm for a Boxer, and Quinn apparently inherited that trait in spades.

He lives with me in central Austin, where we constantly mix with different people, different dogs, and different settings. We often go to bars, restaurants, and coffee shops with dog-friendly outside seating, and to local off-leash dog parks where he meets and socializes with other dogs. 

0914-photo-a Assignment

Part one: Guided Studio Tour

Click any non-captioned image to open lightbox view. Image thumbnails are square cropped but lightbox view will reveal full image. Hover over any image in lightbox view for caption details, including image ID numbers.

Image ID numbers appear in caption details. Image ID numbers for the first section (Blue Genie) range from BG-01 to BG-06. Subsequent sections follow a similar letter/number ID scheme. ID numbers for selected images may be entered into the comment section at the end of the gallery, or may be emailed to Amy Culbertson or Mark Gilmore - mark@secretdonkey.com

Blue Genie (BG)

Keith Kreeger Studios (KK)

You're Welcome Photography Studios (YW)

You're Welcome photography workspace IMAGE YW-01

Cathy Savage (CS)

Rebecca Rothfus (RR)

(please confirm spelling)

Rebecca Rothfus - Intricate stencils  IMAGE RR-01

Rebecca Rothfus - workspace  IMAGE RR-02

Rebecca Rothfus - workspace  IMAGE RR-02

Ryan McKerly and other artists at his studio (RM)

Miranda Bennett (MB)

Miranda in her studio  IMAGE MB-01

Miranda in her studio  IMAGE MB-01

Sodalitas studio space (SS)

Studio workspace  IMAGE SS-01

Ryan [last name forthcoming] (RF)

Other (OI)

Part two: Other East Side Art, Eats, Nightlife and Retail


East Side By Night (EN)

Dai Due (DD)

Clayworks (CW)

Misc 2 (M2)

Corocoro (CC)

Retail Highlights (RH)

East Side Succulents plant nursery (ES)


360 West assignment - photos

Segment one photos - guided studio tour. General East Side photos to come.

Click on any image for enlarged lightbox view


Group one: 2:3 vertical

Group two: 2:3 horizontal

Group three: 4:5 vertical

Group four: 4:5 horizontal


Photography Portfolio Overview

I grew up working in my parents' print shop, using an ancient graphic camera to make negatives for printing plates. There I learned to dodge, burn, flash, mix chemicals and all of that stuff that's now obsolete to everyone but film purists.

In the same shop I'd later learn graphic design and develop sharpened visual sensibilities. Photoshop quickly became a tool for both work and play, and has continued in that role up to today.

These days I like to rely on the Adobe Camera RAW interface for correcting and enhancing images, using Photoshop for image manipulation, third-party filters and spot work. Of course I'm ready and willing to adapt to just about any workflow a particular job or assignment might require. Most of the samples here (except for product photography) were shot using natural light. I'm also experienced using studio strobes, hot lights, and on-camera flash with bounce and soft box techniques.

I have a good complement of professional grade gear that I'd happily use in any assignment, but I'm equally open to shoot with supplied gear.

Hope you like what you see!

Mark Gilmore

Be sure to click on thumbnails to view enlarged images with full cropping!

Be sure to click on thumbnails to view enlarged images with full cropping!

Product Photography

Storefront / Corporate