Recent recordings

Solo Bass Wankery

These were all recorded as I learned how to use the loops and recording features in Apple's Garage Band Software.

Country Stuff

Playing with country act August, 2018

Onstage at Austin's Lucky Lounge.

Onstage at Austin's Lucky Lounge.


Mark Gilmore - Bass Guitar

I'm looking for new opportunities as a bass guitarist. I've got a full complement of pro gear, able to play a wide range of rock, pop, R&B/funk, country, and blues music styles, and have a day job/career that allows me to be flexible with schedule commitments.

I've played styles from Motown to Metallica on stages large and small. Get at me. I'm easy to work with, can get the job done, and can smile when things go wrong. 

Current Projects (2018 to present)

Charlie Murphy Band Classic Nashville and Texas country

Recent Projects (2012-2015)

Jean-Pierre and the Zydeco Angels (website) Authentic Louisiana Zydeco, Blues

Scott Simon Project (website) Classic covers, Jam Band, Fusion. Note: music demos on this site feature a previous bass and drum lineup.

Junction City Contemporary country

Big Money Gators Original rock/rap/R&B


MTD 535 and Sadowsky five-string basses, Fender and Fodera four-string basses. Markbass, Alembic and Crest amplification, Accugroove and Markbass speaker cabinets. Etymotic in-ear monitors. 

Past Highlights

2012-2014: Work with Austin-area groups Big Money Gators, Junction City, Jean-Pierre and the Zydeco Angels

2003-2005: Touring bassist for JImmy Kaiser and David Lee Kaiser. These "Texas Country" artists had various regional chart hits and frequently opened for nationally-known artists in this genre, like Asleep at the Wheel, Cross Canadian Ragweed and Pat Green.

1999: Bassist for Ervin Charles. Alligator Records regionally popular blues artist in the 1950's resurfaced and began touring and recording again in 1995. In 1999 I had the privilege to play with him on a string of dates that would come as his last before he passed away in 2000.

1994-1997: Original college rock bands Nogponjami and Special Attachments. Nogponjami recorded several independent releases before and after my tenure. Special Attachments included members who were faculty and students at Lamar University. The band was popular for playing Professor of English Greg Kelly's original tunes to students and faculty in equal parts.

The big rig: 2000 watts

The big rig: 2000 watts

1989-1991 Original college rock bands The Dwellers and Uncle Virus.Notable Austin performances include opening for Soul Hat at the Black Cat Lounge during their famous, formative residency tenure there. Performed at Liberty Lunch, Cannibal Club and Cactus Cafe, frequently performing on bill with Well-known group Ten Hands.

1988-1989 Alternative College Rock cover band "The Pierres" Full concert PA would bring capacity crowds to large Southeast Texas dance clubs, playing hits from The Cure, U.2., R.E.M, Squeeze, and many more.

If I've given you contact information, please contact me at any time to discuss musical opportunities. If you don't have a phone number or email address for me, please use the contact page – I will reply promptly to all serious inquiry directed there.


Thanks for looking – i hope the best for your music and artistic endeavors whether we wind up working together or not!


Click here for a Google Calendar with performance dates for my current projects. Dates labelled "Zydeco" = John-Pierre and the Zydeco Angels, dates labelled "SSP" = Scott Simon Project. Bandleaders - please check with me if you encounter date conflicts, etc. Some dates may be tentative, etc. Note: No active projects as of January 2015

Portfolio of professional work

I’ve spent most of my career serving as a one-person, in-house ad agency and communications department. I write things, design things, implement things, and measure the impact of things. I grew up in my family’s printing company and have “ink in my blood,” as they say. The world has gone digital and I have too, but I haven’t lost my skills in and love for print media.


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